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Final Destination 3

by Kara & Shrub 2/9/06

Shrub: What did you think of Final Destination 3? Personally, I thought there was way too much “plot.” And it was bad plot. Too much time was spent on teenagers trying to figure out clues and unravel the mystery even though somehow they new exactly what was going on right off the bat. “The Bloodhound Gang” they were not. I kept finding myself saying “huh?” when I think I was supposed to say “whoa dude, that was freaky.”

Kara: I liked Final Destination 2 better. This one had a few great death scenes, but for the most part, they were kind of lackluster. I agree with you. We don't need to see lightbulbs showing up above the teenagers heads unless they're about to get shoved through their skulls and out their mouths. Plus, was a lot of the bad plot edited out? Because a lot of the epiphanies made no sense. What about the stereotypes? The angry black guy, the kids who dress in black and know death factoids, the clueless bimbo's..

S: Oh yeah, it was full of stereotypes, but then so is high school. Yeah I don’t see the reason to continue a movie franchise if you’re not going to try and top the last one. I thought the death scenes (which face it, is the entire purpose of this movie) were nowhere near as entertaining as in part 2. Sometimes they just happened in a blur and they didn’t even show the over the top gore until after it was over. And the only semi- effective part was the rollercoaster and that was just because you can imagine that happening to you, and that it would be scary as crap.

K: I didn't even think the roller coaster part was that scary or shocking. I mean, it is in real life being that you have to think about dying when you're getting on a rollercoaster at least once or twice. But the scene in the movie wasn't that effective to me. Everything happened at such a high speed that it was like - what? wha? what just happened? The sounds were good, but the scene might've actually been better in slow motion. That way you could've seen the panic and the crying and screaming and the impaling and the crunching on the ground.

S: What it boiled down to for me was sitting through about 70 minutes of empty talk and silly build-up for about 20 minutes of action. The build ups to each death were completely ridiculous. It was so transparent that it was coming (maybe this was supposed to build suspense?) and it took about 15 minutes to unfold with so much filler I found myself getting restless. Just get on with it already! And I remarked to you at the time that every death unfolded like the old Mousetrap game with something falling off a shelf and knocking a lever which caused something to roll that then pushed something else and on and on like that. Goofy.

K: It was an entertaining movie for the most part. And if you haven't seen one or both of the first 2 movies, you might think #3 is good. But comparatively speaking, it was just kind of ho-hum. Overall it was disappointing with a few really good parts. I'm glad we got to see the sneak preview for free. Otherwise I would've been much more critical.