Haunted Attractions


The TOP THREE of Dallas/Fort Worth, area Texas.

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**2003 Screams UPDATE** THUMBS DOWN! Read about this year's visit to the previous perennial favorite gone sour.

SCREAMS: located on the grounds of what is a renaissance festival in the spring and every Halloween it is converted into a haunted theme park. After starting off a little slow, this place has become the funnest attraction in the area as well as the best value for the price. You are able to spend your entire night here so try and arrive early. There are multiple haunted attractions, food and drink, live music, roaming characters, classic horror movies for viewing and, at times, special guests (this is where I got my Kane Hodder autographed hockey mask). Biggest bummer last year was no hay ride, let's hope they bring it back for 2003.


**2003 Thrillvania UPDATE** There's a nasty rumor out there that after the founder’s death this year, the infamous and censorship-happy conglomerate, Clear Channel has bought out Thrillvania, raised the prices (this much is not rumor), and lowered the quality. If true, this has not been a good year for the “big three.”

THRILLVANIA/HAUNTED VERDUN MANOR: Located just off I-20 in Terrell, Tx (a small town about 30 miles east of Dallas), these guys take it seriously. The people that put this on are pros (if I'm correct their day jobs are making movie props) and this is the most "high-tech" one in the area. This one is growing into a regular haunted "park" too, with multiple houses and a hayride. Last year there was supposed to be a "seance" which wasn't open when we went so not sure what went on in there but I was curious. They make line waiting fun with a winding walk through a monster filled swamp.

HANGMAN'S HOUSE OF HORRORS: This is the best haunted house in Fort Worth proper. They've been doing it for years andclaim to be the most successful charity haunted house in the World. That's great. Each year they have a new theme so you'll want to go annually. The main attraction lasts a good long while and they have a unique ticketing system that really cuts down on the wait time for their inevitably large crowds. Only criticism, they always seem to have the LONG sheet maze which seems near impossible to navigate while inside. That part's not scary, just annoying. Otherwise it's a great one. It's the first place I remember seeing the actors blending into the walls trick.

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