First annual SCOTS Halloween Film Festival

One of our longtime favorite bands around here, Southern Culture on the Skids, has announced a Halloween film contest to coincide with the re-release of their record "Zombified". Read on for the rules from the band. Anyone can enter. Budget is not a requirement!



Since the inspiration for Zombified was low-budget horror movies the band has decided to have the first annual SCOTS Halloween Film Festival! Anybody can enter—all you gotta do is make your own low-budget masterpiece based on a SCOTS song. This year the song will be "Zombified", the title track from the expanded reissue album hitting the stores on 9/27/2011. "Zombified", the song, is available now as a free download on

All video contest entries can be uploaded to the band's facebook page from midnight October 8th, 2011 to midnight October 9th, 2011 for viewing. The winner will be announced on Oct 11th, 2011 at and on facebook. The winning film will be picked by SCOTS very own Scream Queen, Miss Mary Huff, and receive $250 cash and a variety of "Zombified" swag.

ZOMBIFIED Hits Stores September 27th!

Zombified, Southern Culture On The Skids’ tribute to the horror and exploitation movies that populated Southern theaters and drive-ins during the 60s and 70s, is being released this fall on Kudzu Records. Originally released in Australia as an eight song EP in 1998, the Zombified Extended Release is now a full LP with the addition of five new tunes, and will receive its first U.S. release September 27.

The new and improved Zombified has been re-mastered and re-packaged with cover art by Sean Starwars and design by Yee Haw industries. Rick Miller, guitarist and singer for the band said, “you know, the Zombified EP never had a proper U.S. release and the band is excited about it happening now as a full album.” The album will be available in all formats, CD, digital download and LP. The LP is a limited edition of 1000 on blood red vinyl complete with CD inside! Zombified will be for sale this September in record stores, web stores and at

"I was always attracted to low budget DIY films," said Miller. "Maybe it was the lurid posters and newspaper ads that sucked me in as a kid. Later, I got into the directors, like Mario Bava, Herschell Gordon Lewis and George Romero, to name just a few. They made some entertaining and pretty disturbing movies from way outside the mainstream. A big influence on my approach to making music!"

The band’s music is no stranger to horror/exploitation films. Previous SCOTS songs can be found in soundtracks like the Spanish psycho classic "Perdita Durango," directed by Alex de la Iglesia and starring future Academy Award winner Javier Bardem. In the teen screamer "I Know What You Did Last Summer" the band makes an on screen appearance playing "My Baby's Got The Strangest Ways." SCOTS also supplied the soundtrack to "Blood Feast II, Buffet of Blood," the sequel to HGL's original gore epic.






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