Zombie Manor, Arlington, TX.

10/2/10: Check the brand new print edition of Haunted Attraction magazine for a feature article on Zombie Manor.

9/18/10: Zombie Manor, one of the best looking haunts in the world, returns with new sets, floor plan and additions, including the all new "zombie attack". WEBSITE


TheFatal End, Dallas, TX

10/2/10: The Fatal End in the West end area of downtown Dallas, has had to push back their opening night to October 8. Unable to get their cert of occupancy from the city on time. WEBSITE


Reindeer Manor Abusement Park, Red Oak, TX.

9/18/10: The Reindeer Manor Abusement Park (Reindeer Manor, The 13th Street Morgue, and Dungeon of Doom) was deservedly named one of Haunted Attraction Magazine's top 25 haunts in the country. WEBSITE


ALL NEW Haunts in Dallas/Fort Worth this year:

Moxley Manor, Bedford, TX

Necropolis, Kennedale, TX

TheFatal End, Dallas, TX

Aleister Crowley's House of Pain, Everman, TX




The Hollow Haunted Forest, Lenoir City, TN

10/17/10: New haunt open now, The Hollow Haunted Forest.


Forbidden Haunted Adventure, Spring City, TN

10/17/10: New haunt open now, Forbidden Haunted Adventure.


Frightmare Manor, Jefferson City, TN

10/11/10: There's another haunt nearby, Slaughteryard, that you can park and shuttle back and forth.

10/7/10: Here's a link to a video of Frightmare Manor action.

9/18/10: Frightmare Manor is back and with FOUR attractions this year. They are still the “money back” haunt. WEBSITE


Frightworks Haunted House, Knoxville, TN

9/29/10: The main haunt at FrightWorks is back, with the same Dream Reaver's sleep research lab theme, but it's been totally overhauled & re-designed, so it will be an all new experience.

They are also going to have a Haunted Village midway area with concessions and vendors. (We'll try and make an appearance or two there ourselves).

9/18/10: Frightworks is back with their excellent "Dream Reavers" haunt from last year and they are also adding a 2nd attraction, "The Cage". WEBSITE


Dead Man's Farm, Lenoir City, TN

9/29/10: Word is... be ready for BLOOD.

9/18/10: Dead Man's Farm is also expanding in their second year, adding a Haunted Hayride. WEBSITE


Knoxville Horror Film Fest

9/18/10: The second annual film fest is 10/22-10/23/10. WEBSITE


Trail of Doom, Corryton, TN

9/18/10: This popular, long-running corn maze is changing things up a bit this year. You'll still be finding your way through the corn, but you'll also be going into the haunted woods. WEBSITE


The Haunted Cave, Knoxville, TN

9/18/10: The Haunted Cave at Cherokee Caverns is back. They took a year off, but popular demand and all that stuff. Good to see them back. WEBSITE


Ghoul Town, Niota, TN

9/18/10: New outdoor, 1/4 mile haunt in McMinn County opens Oct 15th. WEBSITE


Knoxville Zombie Walk

Zombie walk is 10/23/10, starts at the Sunsphere. WEBSITE




Haunted Nashville, Hermitage, TN

9/18/10: Haunted Nashville was named one of Haunted Attraction Magazine's top 25 haunts in the country. WEBSITE


Death Row, Nashville, TN

9/18/10: Death Row will be having more celebrity guests this year including actors from Rob Zombie's Halloween 2 and The Devil's Rejects.WEBSITE





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