Ruby Falls Haunted Cavern
Chattanooga, Tennessee

We hit Ruby Falls Haunted cavern on Saturday September 25th, their opening night, to kick off our haunt season here at GOBLINHAUS. It had been a couple of years since we’d been there but we liked it before and it was the closest open haunt that we were able to get to with our schedule that day. It was a slow night there, places around here usually don’t really get lined up until October, but we like slow nights. You’re not overrun by waves of customers, you’re often able to go through on your own and take more time to soak in the sights.

They’re still putting on a fun haunt down there in The ‘Noog. One of the most surreal aspects this year was the presence of men staking the parking lot with assault rifles. They were going with a military containment thing and it definitely set a weird vibe.

They’ve flipped it since last time we were there and now you go through the cave part first and the outdoor section last. I preferred this approach as the cave is more of a slow paced build before things really break loose up top.

This haunt has a pretty high budget it would seem with some big time props throughout, but there is also some good use of everyday junk type of décor. The combination of the design and the great actors really made this sucker. The actors inside and out never break character, really impressive from the parking lot/queue line actors especially as they have to interact with the unruly public for extended periods. There’s a lot of breathin’ on the neck and getting in your face here. One guy in the cave was really sacrificing his body too, I’m not gonna give it away but it was really cool what he was doing. Hint… they come out of the darkness at you from all sides, over and under.

Check out our video review shot on site for more info and then ad Ruby Falls to your list and head on over to Lookout Mountain. By this weekend the Rock City haunt and others in the area will be open also so you can make a good night of it, and Ruby Falls Haunted Cavern is a real good time. Recomended.

(Buy tickets through their website and you can save $2.00 each.)


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