FrightWorks Haunted House
Knoxville, Tennessee

Frightworks Haunted House really took it to another level in 2009. They got a bigger location and they got it early in the year so they were able to build a longer haunt with more detail that really allowed their creative nature to shine. They launched a new and unique storyline about a sleep research lab that plunged you headlong into your own nightmare which was inhabited by madmen. While the design and construction both were top notch, maybe the biggest factor in their surge to the top was that they really struck gold with a superbly enthusiastic cast. You started out with scenes of hilarity that put you off guard before they thrust you, unprepared, into total chaos. That was the Frightworks’ Dream Reaver’s Sleep Research Lab of 2009.

We’ll here we are, October 2010 and the Dream Reavers Lab has opened its doors to us again. While the Frightworks haunt of 2009 was certainly as good as anything East Tennessee has to offer, they weren’t content, they have almost totally re-designed Dream Reavers and have even grown to add an entire second attraction called, The Cage.

After a brief respite when you exit Dream Reavers, The Cage picks right back up the way the first haunt ends, and continues with the criminally insane bastard theme that ties the two Frightworks attractions together. It starts intense and ends intense. If I had to pick a nit here, it would be only with the soundtrack which I wanted to be ramped up (loud, hard, maddening) but the actors certainly held up their end. One section involved a derelict hobo chasing us around with a hammer just loudly and incessantly banging the crap out of everything in sight, PANG! PANG! PANG! PANG! PANG!

Now I’m sure this haunt would play different on any given night so I don’t think I’m giving anything big away, but that’s an example of the constant battery you face in The Cage.

FrightWorks Haunted House gets the big thumbs up from GOBLINHAUS. With the combo ticket they offer, along with the new haunted village midway area it’s a great deal for a full and frightening haunted October night of fun.


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