Zombie Manor, Arlington, TX.

10/16/09: Buy $40 Zombie Manor gift certificates for only $10.00 - HERE -
(The same deal for Dallas Scaregrounds - HERE-)

8/29/09: Zombie Manor returns for year two with some upgrades to their graveyard, new audio and new voodoo bayou swamp scene. We hope the word's really out about these guys now. WEBSITE

8/29/09: Zombie Manor will also be providing the live zombie mayhem for the Austin premier of Zombieland!


The Haunt House, Caddo Mills, TX.

8/29/09: The Haunt House has had a busy offseason, coming back 70% bigger/longer than last year! As Keanu would say, Whoa. WEBSITE


Terrorplex, Kennedale, TX.

8/29/09: Midnight Manor returns along with three all news haunts for 2009. Van Helsings Haunted House of Wax, Heavy Metal Madness, and Count Orlock's Castle of Torture. WEBSITE




Frightworks Haunted House, Knoxville, TN

- GOBLINHAUS Special appearance at FrightWorks Saturday 10/17/09

8/29/09: Frightworks has moved to a new location (just up the street from last year) and will be much bigger (26 scenes up from 18 last year). WEBSITE


Dead Man's Farm, Lenoir City, TN

- GOBLINHAUS Special appearance at Dead Man's Farm Saturday 10/24/09

10/3/09: WATCH a news clip from the local CBS station on Dead Man's Farm.

8/29/09: Here's a new Knoxville area haunt for 2009! The homestead of the demented Bludgeon family (which is allegedly really haunted) will be opening to visitors. WEBSITE


Frightmare Manor, Jefferson City, TN

9/26/09: FRIGHTMARE MANOR, which was previously only open for Halloween week, opens this year on October 2nd and will be open every Friday and Saturday in October and nightly Oct. 27-31. Also, they are advertising it as "Tennessee’s only “money back” Haunted attraction." So go see what that is all about. WEBSITE


The Haunted Cave, Knoxville, TN

8/29/09: The Haunted Cave at Cherokee Caverns is closed this year after 20 seasons. Much of their creative team is moving to Frightworks. WEBSITE


Forest of Fear, Chattanooga, TN

8/29/09: This year's Forest of Fear theme is Voodoo Bayou. There will also be a new haunted hayride. WEBSITE


The Haunted Tomb, Kingsport, TN

8/29/09: The (free) Haunted Tomb will be back this year. Check their new WEBSITE for information.




Haunted Nashville, Hermitage, TN

8/29/09: The creative teams behind Demon's Den and Turbidite Manor are teaming up to create the Haunted Nashville theme park with 3 all new haunts in one place. This will be a must-see. WEBSITE


Scream Creek, Springfield, TN

8/29/09: This new pro-looking, outdoor haunt opens north of Nashville. WEBSITE


Death Row, Nashville, TN

8/29/09: The long-time Nashville haunt is doing more remodeling this year and will bring in celebrity guests again. Look for Dick Warlock (Michael Myers from the original Halloween 2) and Chris Carnel (The Miner from My Bloody Valentine 3D) this October. WEBSITE


Haunted Hollow, Cookeville, TN

8/29/09: This unorthodox haunt is updating and adding to both the hayride and walk through sections, and the walking section will be interactive where you have to find keys in order to get out. WEBSITE







Check back for updated news through Halloween!




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