"Twas a week before opening...."
by Alex! 13th Street Morgue

Twas the week before haunting and all across the grounds,
all the creatures where stirring and making horrible sounds.

The bodies where hung in the freezer with care,
in hopes that small children would soon cry in there.

Ma in her corset and I in my kilt
Had just arranged some flowers that where starting to wilt.

Then up from the roof I heard such a clatter,
with a loaded pistol I walked out to see "What the Hell is the matter!"

On the roof of my haunt was a man tall and thin,
His eyes glowed like diamonds, his mouth in a grin

His skin was like parchment, the face drawn and gaunt,
he looked down and smiled from the top of my haunt.

From a hearse he emerged pulled by the ghost of a horse,
He was covered in dirt, from a grave surely the source.

"Ive come from the grave to help out" he then said,
And then from that large bag pulled out a few heads.

Some hands and some eyeballs all followed next,
some potions, some books and a page with a hex,

There where axes and knives and blood we could splatter,
the body of a goat to be set on a platter,

Lots of this stuff and nothing too few,
Plenty for the morgue and DOD too,

Without a word he jumped back in his hearse,
and said "Tell you patrons to prepare for the worst"

He cracked a whip over the horse not yet seen,
and shouted out loud "Happy Halloween!"

He road toward the sky and the moon lit so bright,
and said "sleep well everyone....till this Saturday night!"





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