House of Hell
Free Murfreesboro (TN) Home Haunt Returns October 17th
Free scares are to be found in middle Tennessee at House of Hell. Open Fridays and Saturdays beginning October 17th through Halloween night, this home haunt goes beyond your typical haunted yard with piles of store bought décor dragged out of the garage for the trick-or-treaters. Instead at House of Hell, the ghostly members of the Camborne family, along with their friends, crawl out of the shadows in which they remain hidden for the majority of the year. Story goes, the haunted land surrounding the property

at the end of this suburban cul-de-sac, is rich with them (ghosts that is), and beginning each October, this unassuming neighborhood is turned over to the spirits and is opened up to the public. True story? You are invited to investigate for yourself, on Camborne Circle, Murfreesboro Tennessee.

The brave souls who inhabit the House of Hell on a day to day basis were kind enough to host a pre-season visit for us at GOBLINHAUS in order to give an idea of what their visitors can expect this month. We were surprised to find the full haunted experience awaiting our arrival and after a quick introduction, found ourselves immediately winding our way from scene to scene through hallways, outdoor trails and even a maze (how the heck did we get so lost in a home haunt maze!?!). Among other things we had to get away from an angry hillbilly and avoid being placed on the slab during a pagan ritual of some sort. All pretty inspired stuff from up and comer Nate Dingman. So go by this year and show support to one of the guys who’s making the effort to put on a show for you, purely for the love of haunting.



For more details visit the House of Hell Website

The haunt is free but donations are accepted.

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