The Haunted Cave
20th Year is Final Chance to See this Knoxville Fundraiser

The Haunted Cave in rural Knoxville is putting on its 20th and final haunted attraction fund raiser in 2008. While the annual fundraisers have provided much needed support in maintaining the cave, the producers of the haunted attraction face more than their share of challenges each year. This particular cave is very hard on props (see our interview from last year for more on this) and every haunted attraction has its share of unruly patrons, but when obnoxious idiots damage the cave itself, then you’re getting into a situation where you are defeating the purpose of the whole event.

All good things must come to an end though, and judging from our Haunted Cave visit on opening night, this thing is ending good. According to Jennifer Johnsey (Haunted Cave Director) they have been getting the best customer feedback they’ve received of the last five years. This is only our second year to attend, but it seems that they’ve really stepped up the atmosphere and aesthetics this time around.

I love their theme this year, which is traveling carnie types who have set up shop down in the cave. Don’t mistake it for the more common evil clowns, think instead of Ray Bradbury’s “Something Wicked This Way Comes” with carnival barkers, gypsies and freaks.

My favorite part may just have been the very beginning entryway when you descend through the tunnel and enter the cave. Wasting no time in setting the mood, the room immediately opens up with an engrossing view of eerily lit stalactites and stalagmites and HUNDREDS of glowing Jack-o-Lanterns accompanied by bombastic, scary organ music. After this you’ll find yourself meeting with a fortune teller before winding through odd scenes where you begin to realize that while these dark characters may be smiling at you, they aren’t of the reassuring type. Your group is then reassembled for a meeting with the carnival barker who readies you for entry into the piece de resistance of this year’s attraction, the freakshow.

The cave is not a high startle type of haunt. It’s more about just a creepy atmosphere. Like a scary scene that you’ve wandered into but don’t belong and just need to try and get out alive. The pitch black snake pit may be the most “scary” part as your ankles are nipped as you travel through the darkness and you begin thinking about how if you let go of the person in front of you, you are screwed.

I have heard and read where people have been under whelmed with the Haunted Cave, but just keep your expectations in check and remember the limitations that they have to work under. Also know that this isn’t just a holiday money-grab but a charity haunt to support and preserve this historical area and put on by people who are volunteering their time for the cause. They also give discounts with canned food donations, so don’t approach the cave with a jaded eye, just go out on one of these cool fall nights, allow yourself to have fun and support them one last time.


For more details visit the Haunted Cave Website

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