Knoxville's Newest Haunted Attraction.

Frightworks Haunted House is the newest haunt on the Knoxville scene for 2008. The Frightworks brain trust does have a history of putting on haunted attractions in the area dating back close to 10 years though (mostly in Oak Ridge) so I wouldn’t really classify it as a typical first year haunt.

Like most every haunt, Frightworks relies on volunteer help to operate and GOBLINHAUS proper (Kara and myself) have been pitching in behind the scenes here since September. We’ve done everything from stand wall panels and paint, to donning different costumes and working a variety of scenes since it opened. So, don’t look at this article as an impartial review from a typical customer’s perspective (heck I’d been in and out of this place for something like six weeks before I even went through to see what all happened in the different rooms), but we’re still gonna cover it here nonetheless.

Frightworks is different from the other haunts in the area in that it is more set driven and theatrical in nature. There are a couple of scenes at the beginning where you will watch performances by actors who fill you in on the back story about the eccentric traveler/collector

whose domain you have just entered, before they send you off to explore the darker areas hidden in the back of his business. Cool premise.

Due to its landscape, haunt fans in East Tennessee are fortunate to be able to have a variety of attractions, from indoor haunts such as Frightworks to corn mazes, forests, trails and even caves. Anyone in this area looking for the more traditional style haunt that you see around the country (dark hallways, animatronics, monster costumes, startle type scares) would probably find Frightworks the best place to start.

Located in a shopping strip, it’s a fairly small suite that they are in so it’s a quick trip and wouldn’t be a place to go for an all night excursion. But they do pack it pretty tightly and deliver back-to-back-to-back type of action once you get in. Also, from the sounds I hear on the occasions that I have lurked inside the dark rooms, they are definitely succeeding in scaring people.

They are not far from downtown so are a good haunt to hit anytime, even on a weeknight as they are open Thursdays (and all Halloween week) if you want to avoid the big weekend lines. Also, if you’ve ever thought about trying your hand behind the mask in one of these suckers, why not get in touch with the team here before October is over and give it a go? They’re nice people and will make sure you’re not lost in there and while you may be too old for trick or treating, you can dress up for Halloween here and scare the crap out of people which, dare I say it, may just be a bigger payoff than free candy.


For more details visit the FrightWorks Website

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