Demons' Den
Third Year Haunt Excels, Puts Nashville on Notice.

Demons’ Den in Nashville, TN was our first professional haunt of the year. We are always excited to go to our first haunt of the season, but we never have super high hopes as it seems haunts tend to get their performances running more smoothly later in October, not mid September. However, what we found from Demon’s Den is they go full tilt no matter what the date. When their doors are open, they strive to give the customer the best bang for their buck from beginning to end – and that’s how long I was impressed, from beginning to end.

From the minute you step through the doors, they start giving you your money’s worth. The ticket booth isn’t super elaborate or anything, but it’s dark and loud and starts getting you in the mood. Then you enter the rules room where you officially enter the “den” and are welcomed into what can be described as anything but a humble abode. You’ll notice the weather has taken a turn for the worse outside the draped windows. However, you won’t find a nook or cranny to cozy into to escape nature’s fury. After the bloody woman explains the rules of the den and allows you in, the fun really begins.

You’ll find a few scenes in the haunt this year that you might remember. Some you might not ever forget. Uh oh. Sounds scary, right? Two minutes in and Shrub and I were already marveling at some of the new additions this year. Everywhere you go in the haunt, you’ll notice the remnants and chaos the demons have left behind and it won’t be pretty.

There are some really impressive animatronics in this haunt, some that you wouldn’t expect, some that

are imposing and some that are subtler and mind teasing. Demons’ Den has worked some new tricks into the trek and I don’t think any of them were lost on us. They all had purpose and drove their point home, which is what makes a good haunted house into a great one.

One of my favorite things in a haunt is when they can integrate satire, scares, skin-crawling creepiness and shock into your otherwise mundane evening. Demons’ Den definitely stepped up to the plate and hit a home run. However, the most important thing of our experience at Demons’ Den – and the one experience that can either kill or MAKE a haunt – is the actors. The actors in this haunt are exceptional. They are unrelenting. While walking through this haunt – we saw nobody texting. There were no actors joking around with each other or giving us half-assed scares. I don’t remember a single time where I was thinking – man that person blew it! If they didn’t get us around the first curve, they’d get us around the second. They followed us and tormented us and made us beg for more.

If you’ve read my “reviews” before, you’ll know that I don’t like to tell specifics.
One scene I have to mention though had some of the dirtiest hillbillies I’ve ever personally met. The dialogue was non-stop and flawless and a great way to bring the haunt to a close. We didn’t want to leave that scene because it was so entertaining and fun.

Going to Demon’s Den was a FANTASTIC way to start off our haunted house adventures this year. They’ve managed to keep your cost fairly low and you can find coupons as well. Due to our personal weak economy, we had to limit the Nashville haunts this year but I am so glad Demon’s Den was one of the few we made it to. If your budget is limited this year as well, be sure that Demon’s Den is first on your list.


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