Death Row
Year Thirteen Brings Upgrades to Nashville "Sanitarium"

Death Row Sanitarium of Slaughter, one of the longest running and most well known haunted attractions in Nashville has seen its share of changes over the previous 12 years of operation and more changes are in store for the visitor of its big 13th year. After losing part of their building that they used last year, they’ve stayed in the same location but have done some re-arranging and redesign. It doesn’t really feel smaller though. They’ve tightened up a lot of the hallways to make more use of their space and cut down on repetition of scenes. They also lost the dark maze and have added some new features and props so there aren’t any dead areas.

We were able to go meet the guys who make up the driving force behind Death Row (thanks to the Death Row Leatherface himself) and get a behind the scenes tour and listen to stories that you would never imagine as a casual observer. The owner of this place is a real collector, scouring old Nashville hospitals, morgues, prisons and cemeteries for morbid set pieces. And what a collection it has become. This is where a lights on tour really was a perk, the detail and amount of STUFF in this place is insane. Bookshelves are piled high with twisted artifacts of Nashville’s past, each with its own story. Room after room of antique morgue slabs, wheelchairs, prison cell doors and other assorted tools of the trade. If the Hostel movies scared you, this place is gonna make you lose it with its twisted instruments applied to victim after victim in endless medical and torture themed scenes.

This haunt already has a vintage, old school feel to it, which is fun. And to add to that vibe (not sure if it’s intentional or not) they’ve put in some old fun house type of gags. Some other new things to look for this year include a Halloween 2 inspired section, which resembles the hospital hallways from the movie, and the visually stimulating “Corridor of Corpses”.

It also seemed like there might have been more action in the Death Row this year. There were actors everywhere and they really worked hard for a reaction. Where there weren’t actors, there were animatronics. Where there weren’t actors or animatronics you were probably getting blasted by some of the heaviest, loudest air cannons I’ve ever felt in a haunt. While the never-ending eye candy that you are used

to from this place returns, it really seemed like things had been ramped up this year, a lot more going on. There were zombies, crazy hospital patients that wanted to play with you, girls in coffins, clowns and more. And don’t leave without hanging around outside some to see the various slashers and lunatic clowns working the crowd.

Another new addition that bears mentioning is high powered fans all over the place to make the whole experience much more comfortable. There’s nothing worse than sweating through a big stuffy box of a haunt when you’re ready for it to be fall weather. Death Row has taken care of that problem for you. Maybe the biggest plus of all is that while other haunts (and everything else for that matter) are going up in price this year, Death Row is keeping it at $10.00, even with all the upgrades, so show some support! $1.00 off coupons are available.

We’d like to say a special thanks to George and the guys for having us out, they were very hospitable and we had a lot of fun looking around the place. And while you’re reading, make a note of October 18th when Death row will play host to horror icon Bill Johnson (Leatherface from TCM 2) and a variety of zombie actors from the original Dawn of the Dead.


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