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Tayman Graveyard, New and improved for 2007. Midlothian, Texas.

We hit this one right at the tail end of the 2006 season and never did any kind of write up about it, but it was memorable enough to merit a mention for those looking for fun haunts to visit this year. This is especially true now that we’ve gotten word from the “Mad Doctor” himself that you can expect significant improvements this year.

Tayman Graveyard is run by a boy scout troop and is following the positive trend of having large grounds containing multiple attractions to make it worth your trip out there. A big bonus is that they are one of the only haunted attractions with a hayride. I am a big fan of the haunted hayride. They seem to bring out a real rowdiness in the spooks that chase you around.

Along with the hayride, Tayman consists of the haunted mineshaft – a claustrophobic trail that will make you feel as if you are actually trapped in an underground maze with some real nasty fellers - and the main attraction, the Tayman Funeral Home – which features some real folksy, boy scout ingenuity with some inventive effects that will certainly catch you off guard.

New for 2007 are extended scares for the funeral home, additions to the hayride, and most notably, after finding your way out of the mine shaft, you’re going to have to make it through a new graveyard as well. Go and have fun, they folks running it sure are.



Tayman Graveyard website

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