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The House of Shock Horror Show.
New Orleans legend is a must see!

I’m going to assume that New Orleans area residents already know about the House of Shock as it has a reputation that reaches nation wide and, judging by the articles posted on their website, is a bit controversial locally. But for everyone else, if you are going to be in New Orleans this October, you should make sure and venture outside of the French Quarter and find this freakin’ bonanza of a haunted house.

In operation for years, the House of Shock had to close in 2005 during the aftermath of hurricane Katrina, but re-located and re-opened in 2006 after only one down year. Thanks to our good pal Dean with Eerie Industries, we were able to meet with one of House of Shock’s creators Ross who, along with some of his crew, gave us an early tour of the haunt to see some of the things that await their visitors in this their second year at their new location.

The House of Shock is quite possibly the most amazingly detailed haunt I have ever entered. This is not a nickel and dime operation. You can tell that many, many dollars and work hours have been invested to create this impressive world of horror. You must begin with a stroll through an unbelievably realistic replica of one of New Orleans “city of the dead” style above ground cemeteries. Then you will enter the building through a creepy chapel, into a morgue and the fun has really begun!

Standout scenes you can expect include an amazing reproduction of Bourbon Street, a swamp, catacombs, and brand new for this year, a sewer. And all of these are just building up to a climactic room that I am not going to give away. But I have to say that this cavernous hellhole of a scene has to be the single most thrilling, most no-holds barred, flat out evil creation that I have found in any commercial haunted attraction. I was awe struck and that is not just hyperbole. It was intense and I freakin’ loved every inch of it.

This is a destination haunt. They want to take you to a dark black place and they are dead serious once they get you there. It’s worth a road trip. Once you get there, they will have crazy carnival shows and live concerts with mega pyrotechnics on their huge stage. They even have a bar so it’s a place you can hang out for the night just bathing in the evil ambiance. Now how’s that for an All Hallow’s Eve celebration?



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