........ The Haunted Cave at Cherokee Caverns is Knoxville's longest running Haunted Attraction. Since 1989, the haunt has been in business to raise proceeds to sustain maintenance and preservation of Cherokee Caverns. They also collect non-perishable food items for local charitable organizations in exchange for $1.00 off admission.

GOBLINHAUS was in attendance on opening night. We took out the Ghoul Times Van, set up a merch table with T-Shirts and what not, but most importantly we got to tour the cave and witness all the action (including a rare and eerie appearance by the elusive "Worm Lady"). The Haunted Cave has some outstanding gags outside that we've never seen before. They provided plenty of entertainment for us and the fellas who were constantly making visitors jump and/or laugh.

Descend to the (bio)hazardous depths...

The Worm Lady selects her victims

Inside the cave itself, this year's theme was "biohazard" which is tailor made for the environment as you are led by silent, hazmat uniform clad guides through underground darkness, lit only by the phosphorescent glow of radiation. It really is a spooky scene.

This place is run by great folks who really made us feel welcome. Even while working to make their opening night run smoothly, they took the time to give us a behind the scenes tour and show us what goes in to making this attraction work. They have immediately noticeable environmental factors which make presenting the haunt in a cave a bigger challenge than an ordinary haunt, yet here they are making it work for an 18th straight year.

The Haunted Cave arose out of an effort to keep the caverns maintained and protected year round.. It was really quite disgusting to see what vandals had done to the cave in the years before the present ownership took control, and the proceeds raised by the Haunted Cave each year go towards preventing any more tragedies like that from occuring in the future.

The dead walk amongst the living at the Haunted Cave

Kara and the GOBLINHAUS setup right before showtime.

Get out to the Haunted Cave on 8524 Oak Ridge Highway to support a worthy cause and have a great, scary time! They will be open on 10/26, 10/27 and 10/31/07. Admission is $10.00. Purchase a VIP Frightpass at www.thehauntedcave.net. For more details, read the exclusive GOBLINHAUS interview.



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