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By Shrub

Slaughterhouse (unrelated to the Slaughterhouse in Nashville) is a perfect example of how the haunted house thing is starting to get out of hand. They have a $15 cover, which I guess is set based on the market price for other local DFW haunts, however, it doesn’t measure up and just ain’t worth it. It’s a decent enough little haunt, but it’s brief and just doesn’t seem like it took that much work to put together to be worth the price of admission.

I kinda hate saying this stuff because there were real friendly people working here, but I gotta let you know what to expect. If this was say a haunted house at a carnival and cost you 5 bucks worth of tickets to get in, then it would be a fun thing to do. But I just can’t recommend making a trip down to the West End (where you’re probably going to have to pay to park too) just to see the Slaughterhouse.

Let’s take a little closer look. This was my first time to visit and I’d always heard it was a short attraction. Thinking that going in, it was a little longer than I expected. They did make full use of their space. They relied heavily on props with many animatronics. A couple of them were really large and pretty cool, many were recognizable cheapies from the local Halloween stores. Outside of the props, there was very minimal attention to detail. There was liberal use of plain black fabric: black fabric covering walls, black fabric covering tables, black fabric hiding props, and black fabric for costumes.

There was a good amount of actors filling the winding halls. Most were lively but a few were not active at all. And like I said with the black fabric, the characters weren’t very well defined. Just black cloaks and plastic masks. The whole thing just kinda ends up feeling more like a quickly thrown together prop showcase than a haunted house. As much as I hate to give away the ending, I have to comment on this. It goes out with a fizzle like that last little bit of air phfrumping out of a balloon. Obligatory chainsaw man greets you at the exit, only his chainsaw’s not running and the weak sound is coming from a speaker sitting on the floor. Remember that balloon noise? Pfffft.

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