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By Kara

So let's cut right to the chase, folks. In 2004, I gave Dallas Scaregrounds a not so glowing review. We didn't make it out there last year, so it's kind of hard to compare this year with 2 years ago. But I don't need to. Because it was so different this year and so much better.

I remember a lot of the scenery and props from 2004, but it was like a completely different house for me this year. We went in with a group of 7 and we took our time. I led the way and purposefully walked slowly and deliberately, taking in all of the scenery and the scares. By the way, that's my tip of the season for everyone out there. Take your time! Not only does it make your dollar stretch a little, but you catch things that you might not otherwise see. It makes for a much more effective haunted house experience.

After the house, we grabbed some water to cool down and to rehydrate. Then we headed for the monster maze, which is an additional $4 to get into. However, it takes tickets to get in, not money. So, you'll need to buy 5 tickets (yes, tickets are only sold in 5's) and then gnaw on a pickle afterwards. The monster maze is fun. I'd say it's worth 4 bucks. I don't think it's really a maze. I never felt like I was lost or anything. It's just all windy and turny. There are a couple of good scares if the actors do it right. I went through the maze with my sister and at one point got the top of her head banged into my ear as she tried to get away from Freddy.

Ahhh, Freddy... Don't be fooled people. Freddy is very much alive and very much real. And he's at the Dallas Scaregrounds. And he is patient and cunning. This isn't the Freddy of old. This is a new, zen-like Freddy. He's very deliberate and sneaky. So watch out for him.

Scaregrounds was a fun time this year. I'd fully recommend it. Their tickets are mid-range, but you get what you pay for. Take the time to enjoy the scenery and I think you'll be satisfied.

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The actors were really good this year. They waited for just the right moments to get us. AND - they didn't wait for the first person every time. They patiently waited for the 3rd or 4th person to enter their domain before they scared the bejesus out of us. There weren't a million OBVIOUS security dudes inside this year either. Guys standing there with their arms crossed in the halls is not scary. As a matter of fact, I only saw one security guard the entire way through and it didn't really disrupt the experience at all except for the 2 seconds it took us to walk past him. Then it was back to the good stuff.

The division between the "3" houses was a little more pronounced this year as well. They actually have someone there who announces it and tells you where to go in the 2nd house and someone who gives you your 3-d glasses in the 3rd. Scaregrounds has the best 3-d house in the metroplex. Their's isn't falling all to pieces and it doesn't just have a bunch of stuff glued to the walls and it isn't what seems like miles and miles of splatter paint. They put some effort into it with great paintings and dimension and structure. They probably have the most actors in their 3-d haunt as well.

Hey... you know what isn't scary? Black hallways. Are you scared of black walls? I'm not. You know who does a good job of not trying to fake us into being scared with a wall painted black? Dallas Scaregrounds. They use every corner of this house to their advantage. They make stuff interesting to look at even when all you're doing is walking to another room. They are one of the best when it comes to keeping your eyes focused on everything around you BUT the guy who's about to rip your throat out with his teeth until he's right on you.

It's amazing what more actors, better actors and less distractions will do for a haunted house. I was very happy to see that Dallas Scaregrounds is back in high gear, giving us a bang for our buck and a last hoorah before they end their story...at least in their current facility.

Reader Comments on Scaregrounds:

Jamie C.: I wanted to pass on my review of the dallas scaregounds or as I would call ripoff grounds. I was there sat oct 6 with my sister. It was advertised as having 4 haunted houses one low price. It sounded like a good deal. So we had 2.00 off so the admission was 17.99 each. we first went to the beer tent and enjoyed the nice cold weather in a dark forrest. The atmosphere was great. I wish there was more to walk around and do but most of the place was closed off you could walk around the entire grounds in 5 min. We were there at 1030 it closed at 130. First thing wae noticed was the lines were crazy long. We saw one house that had no line and they charged 5.00 to go through. I told the wench who greeted us and sent us through that it better be the best house since we had to pay extra. This waste of money was only the beggining. Once we left that house we went for more beer then waited in line for the next house. I finished 2 beers while I was in line which was 40 min. We vowed that we did not have the time to wait 40-60 min in line. They were selling a speed pass for $15.00 each which granted you no wait in line. So I figured it would be ok since we could do each house like 3 or 4 times. Man was I wrong, all 4 houses were the worst ever. I can not expain how bad the wal mart props and non scary atmosphere was. Even the 3d house was horrible. All the scares were the same formula, they wore black to blend it to the enviroment then jumped out, it was so predictable you knew when they were coming. I could not have conceived waiting 60 min at each house, but it was not worth the money. bottom line, I have been to many haunted house and all 5 of these were horrible. Not worth time to wait in line or pay the extra $15.00 for a speed pass avoid at all cost.