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By Shrub

Dallas / Fort Worth area haunted attraction fans are lucky to have a wide variety of haunts to attend and Nightmare at the Wax Museum is one of the unique ones. It wasn’t built strictly as a haunt but as an actual wax museum attraction year round. At night during the Halloween season, it turns into a (re)animated version of itself. This gives patrons a chance to visit something different than the other attractions which were built with only Halloween in mind.

Ripley’s Nightmare at the Wax Museum is in year 2 of its return to the scene after a hiatus from putting on the Halloween show. As they are a part of a chain of professional entertainment oriented businesses (which includes the year round haunted attraction Ripley’s Haunted Adventure located in other cities), it is their job to provide a visually stimulating experience for their visitors. This is where Nightmare at the Wax Museum excels.

The more animated section of the haunt consists of the sections that are set up and torn down on a nightly basis and they are more thickly populated with roaming creatures. Usual sights like clowns and body bags are surrounded by more creative fare such as a wild western ghost town (cover your ears) and a room that feels like walking though an optical illusion with clicking scissor fingers trying to lop off your appendages. This is a very simple but effective area.

The highlight of the night for me was a newly redone room with an old theme. A graveyard inhabited by zombies. I believe it was home to some werewolves last year, but this year it really stuck out. It was downright cinematic in its presentation. All of the colors blended and shaded perfectly, it took zero imagination to feel as if you were under a moonlight sky. And the zombies in their cool masks based on the famous Lucio Fulci “Zombie” movie poster were moping masterfully. The only thing that would have made it closer to walking through a movie scene would have been if they were chomping for your brains!


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Dallas / Fort Worth Haunted House REVIEWS
You have the incredibly detailed movie scenes featuring brilliant life size renditions of some of the most fearsome villains of the screen including Universal classics (Karloff’s Frankenstein and Chaney’s Phantom), modern killers (Leatherface, Freddy in the Boiler room, and Alien with its pods), and a neat change of pace being a Christopher Lee Dracula instead of the more famous Bela Lugosi. For monster movie fans this part itself is worth the price of admission if you’ve never seen it.