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By Kara

If you need a horror quick fix, I've got just the place for you. Mead Manor can hook you up! This is only their 2nd year, so they don't have the crowds that other haunted houses have ... yet. Mead Manor shares the haunted grounds known as Phantasms Halloween Screampark with Nightmare in the House of Wax.

If you read my Mead Manor review last year, you know I used such descriptions as; "It was almost...endearing. You know... in a creepy, macabre sort of way." And I have to say...I felt the same way this year. Don't take that in a bad way. When your life consists of eating, breathing and living Halloween most of the year, you don't tend to look at haunted houses like other people do.



And like I said - Mead Manor wasn't crowded. So all of the actors can take their time with you. Gently tossing you back and forth like a cat with a mouse. Playing with you until they're ready to pounce and finish you off.

There were really only a couple of times I was kind of disappointed in a room or in the most glaring case, a hallway. One of their props you walk straight toward is way too brightly lit and very uninspired. (dude in the cage! dude in the cage! fix that!) The other time I was disappointed was quickly remedied by a well placed boo hole that got me. Maybe that was the plan all along. You kept looking for someone to jump out at you in the room and it never happened and then when you least expect it....BOO! So that kind of made up for it.

All in all, Mead Manor is a really fun time with some good scares and some twisted ghouls. With a ticket price of $10 for one haunt or $18 for two, you can't go wrong. Take your time, take in the scenery and enjoy yourself.



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Dallas / Fort Worth Haunted House REVIEWS

The outside decor and the facade of the building and the whole park kind of reminds me of Captain Spaulding's Museum of Monsters and Madmen in House of 1000 Corpses. It's pretty isolated and if it weren't for the really nice people who run the joint, I would feel like I should get in my car and drive really fast. Maybe they should stop being so nice. Maybe they should trash themselves up a bit and give some attitude. You'll have to see it for yourself. It's kind of creeping me out just thinking about it.

The actors...are...great. I think they might all be kids and teenagers. Every single one of them maybe. And they're awesome. They aren't worried about how much their throats are going to hurt the next day while they're delivering blood curdling screams. They have endless amounts of energy. They have fun and they make their visitors have fun. Mead Manor has some pretty cool rooms. But those rooms are MADE by the presence of the actors. Everyone knows kids can be really creepy too. Especially when you don't know if you want to help them or run like mad.