THIS WEEKEND Dark Night Players will be haunting Dungeon of Doom, Nightmare at the Wax Musem, and Scaregrounds 10/13/06-10/14/06.

Wes Craven lecture at Midwestern State in Wichita Falls 10/23/06.

Dark Night Players booked for 10/21/06 and 10/27/06 at Hangman's House of Horrors.

Friday Night Frights every Friday in October in Denton.

AMC TV will bring back Monsterfest around the clock from 10/22/06 - 10/31/06.




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ARTICLE: We see what's in store for this Arlington haunt with a new name. (9/25/06)

Exclusive Interview with Clay Stewart, manager of Ripley's Nightmare at the Wax Museum. (10/1/06)


Watch for the GOBLINHAUS

"Ghoul Times Van"
Coming to a haunt
near you!

Reindeer Manor will have a new 3rd attraction called "Uncle Stinky's Playhouse"

Dallas Scaregrounds is advertising this to be their final season.

Phantasms in Mansfield will feature an all new Nightmare in the House of Wax, Haunted Mead Manor, the Haunted Egyptian Temple of Anubis, plus a gift and concession stand.

New haunted attraction in Arlington. Nightmares. Located on south Cooper at the Arlington Skatium.

The Boneyard has moved to a larger location at 3000 E. Pioneer Parkway.

...and the former Boneyard has a new name, CHAOS, located in the same spot as last year's Boneyard.


First batch of haunt reviews:

- Nightmare in the House of Wax
- Slaughterhouse
- Haunted Mead Manor
- Dallas Scaregrounds