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By Kara & Jana

I wanted to get some input from a new voice this season. My sister, Jana, went through Hangman's with me on October 6th. Here's what we think.

Cirque de Fantomes
Kara: I thought this one was pretty okay being that it's not the main house and they completely changed the theme from last year. (last year was Saw themed). Some of the clowns got me pretty good and I liked the music.

Jana: I agree. I didnt see the Saw theme last year and I could imagine that one being pretty neat. The clowns were pretty good. There were a few times I jumped. It got a little busy there at the end with 4 or 5 of them all in my face. It ended a little more annoying than scary.

Kara: I got clown face on my shirt. That's no good. I thought this year was much better than last. There were more actors and they did some cool stuff. The ball pit and the jumpy thing were nice touches. The actors tried hard. I'll give them an A for effort.

Hangmans Main House
Kara: Well, I think the main house is plenty reason to come back year after year. Hangman's has some extremely detailed, well thought out, elaborate rooms. I was really blown away by some of the sets, weren't you?

Jana: Oh well, yeah! The last time I went to Hangmans I dont remember it being that elaborate. It has always been a good haunt to me though. There were several rooms that had me hiding behind your shoulder!

Kara: Some of the rooms were really creepy. The Saw set up made my skin crawl. The pirates were close to movie quality visually. That was a really fun room! Then there are rooms like the spider room - that room is amazing, though not really scary. I've never walked up on any actors in this haunt who aren't prepared for you and who don't try their hardest to getcha. I was having the time of my life and then we hit the sheet maze...

Jana: Ugh, the dreaded sheet maze! I didnt like that at all! It was hot, crowded and annoying!

Kara: Yes, it's all of that - plus, the nice spacing you once had is destroyed. We had to stop and wait to let the group in front of us get a lead again. Then there was another pitch black maze with big tubes hitting me in the face. THEN, there's yet another, albeit less annoying maze of mirrors. Jana, by the third maze I was ready to take a side exit. I was sooo impressed by the rest of the haunt, but I don't remember too much in between the mazes because they sucked all the life out of me. The sheet maze has to go. If the other two mazes were spaced out more, it might not be so bad, but they were all pretty close together and it was a whip!

Jana: I definitely agree, the sheet maze must go! That was terrible. I remember us saying..... oh no, not another maze! After the third maze it was really hard for me to enjoy the rest of the house! By then, I was ready to be out.

Kara: Oh yeah, trick up the checkboard room too, don't you think? Everyone knows what they're going to find in there. Also, the chainsaws are old. I didn't see a single person run out of the chainsaw area. Even the leaf blowers they had one year were better than chainsaws. Other than the mazes and a couple other little things, the house was awesome I thought. Their new scenes are fabulous and over the top and delicious. I had tons of fun. Overall, I think hangmans is quite a deal. They try to keep you occupied and entertained and do a good job of it. It's always a favorite destination of mine.

Dallas / Fort Worth Haunted House REVIEWS

Hillbillies Revenge
Jana: Oh my gosh, I loved the Hillbilly House! It wasnt so much scary but creepy! The decorations were awesome! Good job on the acting too!

Kara: Yeah, the Hillbilly House is hilarious. It starts and ends with a bang. The whole house is really creatively done. The entrance through the porta potty, the love shack, the hallway leading to the living room... I kind of felt rushed through the house though. I don't think they were messing with us enough in there.

Jana: That's true. I also felt rushed. Or maybe it was too short. I dont know. It was definitely fun! The love shack guy had me wanting out!

Kara: Aww, Jana. He thought you were pretty. He just wanted to play with you.

Jana: YIKES!

3-D Fun House
Kara: Don't you think they should put some actors in this house? There were a couple last year and I think it was better like that. I mean, those two flourescent haired dolls were awesome in there! This year there wasn't a single actor and it was just kind of...eh.

Jana: Yeah, they could do a lot with those lights! Actors would do a lot for that room. It doesnt feel like a haunted house. It was just a 3-D Maze. Kinda boring.
The dolls were awesome! I wonder where they are this year!?!?!

Kara: They should start new with that, don't you think? No more 3-D house. That's been the one house that hasn't really changed over the years. It's just a time waster while you're waiting to get into the main house I guess, but still. What's the point? It'd be cool if they went all industrial in there and cranked the music loud and then we could dance the whole way through. At least then it would be fun. That's what we were doing in the last room with all the lights. It was the only fun part and that's because we were acting so goofy. We had to create our own fun in that house.

Jana: New and better is what has people coming back. If its the same stuff every year, I think people will eventually quit coming. Seems like they arent having trouble keeping people there though.

Jana: Yeah, I would have to say Hangman's is one of my favorites too! I will definitely go back! I would like to see more activities outside of the houses to keep you occupied. There seems to be a lot of aimless walking around because people dont know what else to do before they get in line for the main haunt. I LOVE HANGMAN's!

Kara:Don't forget - some nights they have a live band out there and you can always take a break to eat some grub or get an airbrushed tramp stamp!

So there it is, folks. We love Hangman's House of Horrors. We'd just love it more without those godforsaken mazes. We can see why this haunt is one of the most visited in the metroplex.


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