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By Shrub

Well here we go with a 4th straight year of writing a review for the Dungeon of Doom. We are kind of getting to the point where what else do you say? We love it. I guess the fact that we go there every single year should tell you something. While we cannot visit every haunt every year due to our acting commitments with the Dark Night Players (among other things), Dungeon of Doom remains on our DON’T MISS list.

They have a solid core of actors who return annually and consistently deliver the high level of spookin’. Along with that, they always offer up something new each season, making us want to return each year.

In years past I’ve talked about the “good old days” feeling I get when visiting the Dungeon of Doom and its old timey feel. Well this year they are firmly straddling the fence between past and present. They have the returning “vintage” touches like the giant rotating eyeball and the swiveling floor. But they’ve also been adding more modern references each year like a scene from “The Ring” a couple of years ago, “Saw” last year, and this year, they have (to my knowledge) the only “Silent Hill” room in town. And it is cool! When I saw Silent Hill the movie, I exited the theater with a big question mark over my head. Other than some outstanding imagery, I really didn’t like it that much (maybe because I’m not a gamer). However, the images from that movie lend itself much better to a spook house than to a plot, and as soon as you hear that siren and witness the desolation (and even the ash!) you know right where you are… and it is creepy.

Other things that are new for 2006 include a neat televised introduction featuring the Saw puppet, an improved clown room, and monsters that terrorize and entertain you as you wait in line. The outdoor creeps are talented and a great addition as it adds to the entertainment value. I hope they become a permanent fixture.

If it’s Halloween, it’s time for a trip to Dungeon of Doom. If you haven’t been yet, you should go and then it will probably end up one of your Halloween traditions too.


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Reader Comments on Dungeon of Doom:

Lori K. : My husband and I recently went to “Dungeon of Doom” and it was the best haunted house I’ve ever been to! I won tickets on your website, and I screamed more that night than I have in 30 years ( I’m only 38.)! We arrived about 45 minutes early, since we live in Granbury and didn’t have as much trouble finding it as we thought, and all of the actors were so nice to us. We really enjoyed our experience, so thank you for drawing our name! This haunted house will be a yearly thing for us now. Our kids stayed home, but the actors were so nice, they even sent them home some posters!!!!!! Many thanks for this fantastically unforgettable experience!!!!! Also, many thanks to the staff of “Dungeon of Doom”. You are some of the nicest people you could ever meet….that is until showtime!!!!