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Extra Screams available at Screams
While at the Waxahachie Halloween park, see this terrible trail. (10/24/06)
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It’s getting late in the season but I’m sure there’s still going to be a lot of people heading out to Screams this weekend. Before you head out there, make sure you know that Screams is home to a separate independent haunted attraction that is located within the park. For roughly the cost of a turkey leg ($5.00), you can visit The Mythical Monster Museum and Trail of Terror!

Here it is, straight from the haunter’s mouth: “The Mythical Monster Museum and Trail of Terror has gone Greek this year! Our motto: You mess with the bull, you get the horns! Our famous monster hunters, Sir Daniel Raptus and Magnus Krane have cleared all of the ancient monsters out of Greece and brought them back to our bestiary where they can control them and keep them from harming anyone. Unfortunately for the visitors, however, Raptus and Krane have gone off on another adventure leaving Hagatha and the Gypsies in charge, and the monsters are in control of the dark places inside.”

They promise more bang for your buck this year with even more monsters roaming among The Bestiary, Hagatha's Hut, and the Black Caves. Sounds like a deal to me. And if you have too much fun, same-night re-admissions are only $2 each. So head on out there if you can still fit it in, just remember to watch your back, since after all, the Gypsies are in charge.