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13th Street Morgue Expands for 2006 GOBLINHAUS takes a sneak peek (8/29/06)

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On Saturday the 19th of August, the hospitable gang down at the 13th Street Morgue in Red Oak opened their doors to show us a bit of their progress. If you were a visitor to this outstanding haunt in 2005 then you should know that a return trip in 2006 would be worth your while. The fearless modern day inhabitants had only unearthed a portion of the building for visitors last Halloween. After another year of braving its demons (and wrangling with bees), they are going to be able to double the size of the tour by sharing a whole new floor with this year’s guests. That is, if you dare to ascend.

The funeral parlor and living quarters of the doomed Maybrick family remain seemingly untouched since that fateful night which resulted in the murder of the entire family followed by the suicide of their killer, Alfred Helm. That’s a lot of ghosts for one building. When you visit after daylight, you may find yourself transported back in time to the horrific scene of the crime or you may just witness the unhappy spirits, which continue to follow habitual paths inside these walls and don’t always take kindly to intruders.

For 2006, in addition to the residential area of the facility (which has only been witnessed by the fortunate few allowed inside during the brief October stretch in 2005 when the current owners opened it to the public), visitors will be able to see the funeral parlor portion and all of its accompanying tools of the trade. Just please, stay away from the crematory. This has been the final path for many souls so don’t make it yours as well. The murderous Mr. Helm seems to have taken up residence for eternity, and you don’t want to fall prey to his “unholy mind”.

And a small footnote to add to this story… you will be able to hear GOBLINHAUS’ own Kara who contributed some vocal detail to the soundtrack. The morgue-sters were in the studio last week cleaning up some old tape reels of radio broadcasts they had unearthed. While there, they enlisted Kara to give voice to some recently discovered writings of the young departed LeAnn Maybrick. Quite the lyricist and tortured soul that LeAnn.

For more information on the 13th Street Morgue, visit their website.
But most of all, make sure to visit the murderous Mr. Helm and the gang in person.



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