The gang at Eerie Industries put together their annual Halloween event on Landrun Lane in Arlington, Texas (disclaimer: Kara and I were participants and helpers, but not the brains behind the operation). So much more than just a yard haunt, this “interactive spook-tacular” for trick or treaters of all ages, was a real doozy. This page features some exclusive pictures from the All Hallows Eve, 2005 extravaganza.

This year’s theme was “The Pirates of Landrun Isle” and featured scallywags run amuck, over and around life sized pirate ship wreckage, which was scattered throughout the front yard. The back yard was the “Carn-Evil” area (a rerun of last year’s big hit) and they were connected with winding walkways through gruesome cemeteries and corpse heavy trails.

Teeming with actors and animated props, the professional grade set design, soundtrack, and lighting of Landrun Isle achieves the seemingly impossible and makes the candy of trick or treating an afterthought. Don’t get me wrong, there was candy aplenty here, but the little monsters that were lucky enough to attend will have much more exciting memories of this Halloween night.

Eerie Industries began construction in August and spent weeks building towards the mega event, which generated cash, food, toys and household items benefiting the Arlington Women's Shelter and Treats for Tots. A good time, a good cause, and an outstanding presentation, all borne out of charity combined with a lifelong passion for the greatest night of the year. As long as Eerie Industries is around, you’ll never have to wonder what to do on Halloween. .... -Shrub

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