Screams Park Saturday night, 10/16/04

With no major drama like last year (although the lady working the ticket window did smack down our attempt to use coupons with suprising force), the 2004 trip to Screams was very uneventful.

I admit to an overall good time. I absolutely love the amusement park style setup which includes multiple haunted houses, souvenier vendors, food and drink, non-stop classic horror flicks, kiddie areas and spooky decor throughout. At $19 for unlimited access (or $17 if they let you use a coupon on the night you attend) it is the best bang-for-your-buck deal around as you will stay until closing time (1:30 am) before you know it.

The enthusiasm of the night, however, was drained a bit by the long and slow moving lines. The "Castle of Darkness" line took 65 minutes. While easily the most impressive attraction on the exterior, the inside was disappointing. There was one impressive moment when you meet a 15 foot tall animated monster flinging around a human corpse.

"Terror Visions in 3-D" was the second longest wait at approx 40 mins and consisted of black lights paired with neon painted walls viewed through 3-D glasses and was roamed by the haunted house cliche: evil clowns (I'll admit, the gibbering one at the entry way was really neat). The Maze du Macabre was about a half-hour wait for an uneventful chain link maze.

Interestingly enough, my two favorite attractions were the two shortest lines. Granted, this may have been due to the fact that it was getting late. The "Arcane Asylum" was my favorite of the night. It's gothic mansion theme had the best atmosphere and the loud air blasts hitting my ankles made for the biggest jumps. The "Black Hole Experience" went from the black hole (black light, bridge through a turning room) to an outdoor trail that return visitors will notice uses props from the now defunct hayride.

Overall it's a good time. I can't give a whole hearted endorsement since pulling back the curtain on the management last year, but I can admit that it is fun.


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