A REAL NIIICE Wedding... (with no Head Cheese).

Edwin Neal and John Dugan inspect the room prior to the ceremony.

To us, the marquis event of the Fright Night Film Festival was a wedding ceremony that was held for Edwin Neal (a.k.a. The Hitch Hiker from Texas Chainsaw Massacre) and his fiancé, Theresa. A blockbuster event, it featured every Texas Chainsaw Massacre cast member in attendance, as well as a handful of scream queens, and wouldn’t you know it… Kara.

If you don’t know us personally, maybe you have seen Kara’s art or read her writing here on GOBLINHAUS. As she has been known to do, Kara ended up right in the middle of the show. Going from fan in the crowd to inserting herself into the ceremony to part of the wedding party on stage, Kara made herself a lot of new friends that night and managed to escape un-accosted. Heh.

A big thank you goes out to Ed and Theresa for including us in such a memorable occasion.

Kara (center) with the legendary Marilyn Burns (L) and scream queen Tiffany Shepis (R)



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The bouquet toss.






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