Texas Chainsaw Massacre cast members meet the fans

Well we made our way up to Louisville Kentucky on August 18th and 19th to check out the Fright Night Film Fest. As the name would imply, it was an independent horror film festival. They combined it with a convention style floor with vendors and celebrities. The celebrities included a Texas Chainsaw Massacre reunion with Gunnar Hansen, Edwin Neal, Marilyn Burns, John Dugan and Allen Danziger. Also in attendance were Tony Moran (the original Michael Myers), Michael Berryman, Bill Johnson (Leatherface from TCM 2), scream queens and a variety of zombies from Dawn of the Dead among others. An impressive (and very friendly) lineup. 
It was a real fun time and gave us a chance to meet some fellow spook fans in our new neck of the woods. Along with the almost continuous movies and shorts (which we criminally neglected for all the “live” action), there were entertaining panels and all day Saturday, a building buzz of a potential celebrity wedding (more on this later).
A favorite panel was “Horror Icons Unmasked” featuring Gunnar Hansen, Tony Moran, Bill Johnson and John Dugan. The slasher legends discussed the ups and downs of acting as masked maniacs, their favorite scenes (Gunnar Hansen’s favorite scene is Leatherface’s first appearance where he whacks Kirk over the head and then slams the door – good choice!), their true disdain for remakes, what they are up to these days, and how they are glad to be recognizable only by the most die hard fans.

A Tiny Myers Fan

"Horror Icons Unmasked" (from left to right: Johnson, Moran, Hansen, Dugan)

The other panel of note was the Texas Chainsaw Massacre Reunion, which unfortunately was held so late on Sunday afternoon that Marilyn Burns and Allen Danziger had already departed the convention. We were left with Hansen, Dugan, and Edwin Neal, but this guy’s club really entertained with their candid Q&A. Striking a balance between the insightful Hansen (who “over-intellectualized” everything according to Dugan), the animated Neal and the jovial Dugan, the fellas offered informative and hilarious stories and opinions about the making of TCM (which on one occasion included an appearance of some special brownies), their director, and even some advise for the filmmakers on hand. Particularly of interest were the great stories they told about fellow cast members Paul Partain and Jim Siedow.

For the Chainsaw reunion, Edwin Neal joined Gunnar Hansen and John Dugan.

Next up… GOBLINHAUS’ own Kara crashes a Chainsaw wedding!!!



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