Days of the Dead - Day Two (part one) -
Saturday July 2, 2011. Indianapolis, Indiana -
by Shrub

 After the late Friday night, we got off to a slow start Saturday morning, barely making it out of the room in time to grab a quick bite and make the Scream Queen panel that began at 12:30. The panel, as advertised, consisted of Heather Langenkamp, PJ Soles, Linnea Quigley and “honorary scream queen” Mark Patton from A Nightmare on Elm Street 2 who really added some juice to the panel with his energy. The questions started out a bit obvious, like “When did you know you were a scream queen” and “how hard is it to scream on set” but then got more interesting when asked if they were horror fans before making they started making genre movies. Linnea Quigley was the only one that said she really grew up loving horror flicks, watching Vincent Price and Hitchcock movies on TV as a kid and then later attending the drive-in to see movies like Deep Red and Deranged! Heather Langenkamp said she had only seen a couple of mild horror movies before making Nightmare, so she was shocked (and nauseated) by the amount of blood she saw on the set.

All four participants were very game and answered the questions authentically. Talking about their favorite moments from their careers, PJ Soles said her favorite was when she became an “honorary Ramone” in Rock n’ Roll High School, donning the leather jacket and strutting down the high school hallway. She said she has felt like an honorary Ramone ever since.

The biggest news to come out of the panel was Mark Patton mentioning that he will be in a new Nightmare movie that begins filming in September! The story will take place in a small town 60 years before the first movie, but he said it’s not exactly a prequel, but more of an homage to the Nightmare series. He even spilled the beans that he will play the serial killer.

The events we wanted to attend were very front loaded this weekend so we just saved the vendors for Saturday afternoon. After the scream queen panel we made our first foray into the vendor room and spent a while talking to a variety of people about what they do and what we do. We also met some people that were previously just online friends including Lee and Jennifer from FrightPlace and The Scarefest. There were some high quality vendors in attendance including artists like Little Punk People and novelties like T-Shirt Bordello who we had a funny conversation with as he lectured me about not having regulation sized business cards. Haha.

We chatted with a few of the celebrity guests, including my personal favorite ones to see at this show: the Night of the Living Dead trifecta of Russo, Streiner, and Kosana. We also gave out as many GOBLINHAUS stickers and flyers as we could and had fun talking to people who already knew the site including actor J. LaRose (Saw III, Repo the Genetic Opera, Insidious) who said he frequently used the convention calendar to find details on shows to attend. He said he also wished there was one that did a similar thing with haunted attractions, so if anyone wants to give that a whack, there’s your free business idea for the day.

The costumed fans were in full effect all day Saturday which took some dedication since the air conditioning was really struggling and it was hot as Hades outside. I can’t even imaging walking around in full Stay Puft Marshmallow Man or Predator gear when I was sweating in shorts and a T-shirt. I think the celebrity areas got the heat the worst, but the convention staff dealt with it the best they could, even going so far as to pass out water bottles and they had nice cold water dispensers put up throughout the venue. We saw a lot of sweaty people in there but they were sweaty and smiling.


Next up we finish Saturday, which got progressively wilder from here, and wrap this thing up.


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