Monsters are Good, A Jodorowsky Christmas, Free Texas Chainsaw screening, and Troma Sale 6/2/11

Did I ever tell you about the time that Kara and I torpedoed the hell out of a Christmas party we threw? Well I guess I deserve the blame for it really. We had a lot of people, beverages, a wacky gift exchange, high energy xmas tunes by Los Straightjackets and The Ventures spinnin’, it was a grand time. My wise idea was to have Alejandro Jodorowsky films playing on the muted TV for some extra atmosphere. Well soon enough, everyone was just sitting around piled on couches and chairs staring slack jawed at the screen watching the images without sound… Dead party.

It killed the festivities, but it’s something we’ve never forgotten. Jodorowsky is an undeniably powerful filmmaker and he’s got interviews in both of the current issues of Rue Morgue and Fangoria magazines including a response about the violence in his films where he explains that art cannot even exist without violence. Amazing.

Monsters Are Good sent us a couple of their really great looking T-shirts. This graphic design company with a soft spot for Frankenstein and his friends are putting out a high quality line of products including (along with shirts) a large selection of horror, rock and hot rod related buttons and even shop rags. Go check out their stuff, its top notch! They also do custom design work if you’re in the need of it.

We’ve got a batch of the Monsters Are Good buttons to give away to one of you too! Enter to win by e-mailing us your address HERE (goblinhaus-at-yahoo-dotcom). We’ll pick two people at random and send half of these buttons to each of you:

Troma holds these insane sales every so often on their website and you end up kicking yourself if they get by you. Over 10 years ago, before I even had a DVD player, I bought Toxic Avenger on DVD for something like $1.99. Well now they are selling some of their DVDs for 50 CENTS!!! Sale lasts through the end of June. Here’s the LINK to the sale:

Texas alert. The Alamo Drafthouse rolling roadshow will present a free Texas Chainsaw Massacre screening at the Junction House (the TCM house) in Kingsland this Saturday, June 4th. Guests Marilyn Burns, Edwin Neal, Allen Danziger and Writer Kim Henkel will be introducing the film, participating in a Q+A and more. The movie presented in 35mm and preceded by a reel of vintage themed 35mm trailers is free but you can also buy VIP tickets that include dinner and a bunch of awesome stuff.
Full details HERE.

- Shrub


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