Movie Caveman, Hobo With a Shotgun, Aurora Monsters & Beyond and Misery Productions. 6/17/11

So this morning I’m driving to work and listening to a review of Green Lantern on the radio and that’s when I realized that I’m like a caveman when it comes to movies. I never even go to movies in the theater anymore because I just don’t get it. I don’t understand them. Hollywood movies make as much sense to me as if you went back in time, grabbed a caveman and plopped him down in front of a screen to watch Green Lantern, X-Men, whatever. I have zero connection and just find that stuff completely boring and empty, and other than flashy visuals, I can’t even figure out what the appeal might be. And for flashy visuals I can just go to the fireworks store up the road and get me some sparklers.

Now Hobo with a Shotgun? That’s a movie! We got to check out a screening last month thanks to the folks at Knoxville Horror Film Fest and luckily it exceeded expectations. Rutger Hauer was great as the grizzled and beaten down hobo hero taking on a long list of some really awesome bad dudes. The best of the twisted freaks had to be the two sons of Drake: Slick and Ivan, who were like twin Tom Cruises, with a heavy dose of William Zabka thrown in, raging through the city as even more sadistic versions of the droogs from A Clockwork Orange. Yes, it’s bad ass.

There’s another Aurora DVD coming out later this year from Cortland Hull of The Witch’s Dungeon monster museum. It’s called Aurora Monsters and Beyond and a special preview will be screened at Monster Bash next weekend in Pennsylvania.

Latex Mask collectors (as well as Leatherface and Jason fans) may want to check out the work of up and coming company, Misery Productions. I’m especially fond of their “Pretty Lady” mask myself. Along with masks they also make props and do art and design. Watch for a line of Retro-Halloween masks and their first catalog coming later this year.

I guess that's all for now. Way to go Mavs!

- Shrub


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