Splatter Matters, HorrorHound Weekend Cincinnati and the new Flint Horror Con 4/26/11

Well hell. I’m doing a terrible job with the “regular” part of writing a regular column. I think I’ve written about 4 of these so far and probably 3 of them started off with something about it being late. I need to know why “the real world” can’t just hold the hell on for a minute so I can focus on the Horror for a bit. You know. The important stuff. Anyhow, here’s some junk I’ve been meaning to get to, and I apologize if it’s old news to you by now.

Support SPLATTER MATTERS! The earthquake and tsunami along with the ensuing nuclear nightmare that is playing out in Japan is easily one of the most horrifying and depressing scenarios to occur in my lifetime. Splatter Matters is a multi-city benefit film tour that will support Japan Society’s Earthquake Relief Fund. Organized by Sushi Typhoon, a new film label for “audiences who crave the good taste of bad taste, and for whom too much is never enough” and Rue Morgue Magazine, the tour will showcase a variety of Sushi Typhoon’s high-energy splatter comedies, including HELLDRIVER, KARATE-ROBO ZABORGAR, MUTANT GIRLS SQUAD and ALIEN VS NINJA. I mean, this is something you’d go to even if it didn’t benefit a great (and urgent) cause, right? The tour kicks off this week in New York City on April 28th and then in Dallas (as part of the excellent Texas Frightmare Weekend) on April 29th. Sushi Typhoon director Yoshihiro Nishimura and actress Eihi Shiina will be in attendance both of these dates. Future dates coming up real quick include Vancouver, Philadelphia, Toronto and more. AND they are looking to add more cities, so maybe if there’s not one near you, you can get involved and help make it happen! Full details and contact information can be found at the Splatter Matters facebook page.

Now for a quick commercial break from Freak Show Film Fest:


The people at HorrorHound, who apparently never sleep, just wrapped up their March convention and have already started making announcements about their November show in Cincinnati. Big things so far are the "Pet Cemetary" reunion, a couple of “MallRats” (including horror superstar Michael Rooker) and the return of the Saturday night water park party. Watch their website and the GOBLINHAUS convention news page for updates.

In other convention news, horror conventions, when produced correctly are big hits with the fans. This is resulting in a lot of new and up and coming events popping up all over the country. I love seeing a group of friends get together and decide they are going to do it themselves and make a convention happen in their town. One of the latest is going to happen in Flint Michigan this October 8th. The Flint Horror Con will be a one day show downtown, with the low admission price of $10. We wish these guys luck and if you are nearby, go see what they are giving the fans and support the little guy doing it for the love of horror (I’m sure you can think of worse ways to spend a Saturday).

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- Shrub


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