Knoxville Horror Fest, Frank N’ Con & Vegas Grindhouse 4/5/11

Been gone for a couple of weeks, trying to spend some time working on GOBLINHAUS proper, with the main thing being a bit of a re-design on the home page. I’m still not done with it but it’s looking half better at this point I think.

A few things have popped up since my last column in late March that I wanted to cover. Let’s start with our hometown horror film convention, The Knoxville Horror Film Festival. They are now accepting submissions of horror shorts for their 3rd year. The show will be held in October 2011, with the exact dates to be announced. This is a fun, relaxed film fest that has brought movies in from around the world to this normally genre neglected town, so the work that organizer William Mahaffey is doing here is greatly appreciated by the local horror fiends. If there are any filmmakers out there, the submission fees are very affordable and it would also give us at GOBLINHAUS a chance to check out your flick on the big screen! So make sure and let us know if your short is going to be showing this fall so we can watch for it. Also, if any of you are nearby, they plan a series of feature screenings this summer which will include both classics and new releases.

El Paso is getting its first Horror convention this October. Frank N’ Con will include reunions for The Howling, Return of the Living Dead and more. The Return of the Living Dead gang has really been making the rounds the last couple of years and I love seeing that as it is one of the single greatest and most influential modern horror movies. The incredible nugget here is that Frank N’ Con is really taking the ROTLD show to the next level by hosting a .45 Grave concert! Wow. It’s Party Time!! Now if they could also get TSOL back to play “Nothing for You” I would probably pogo all the way from Tennessee to west Texas and back. I think this show is just getting going on the announcements, so keep an eye out.

Las Vegas has a new theater for independent cinema that is embracing the grindhouse legacy as part of its grand opening celebration. theatre7, located at 1406 South 3rd Street, Las Vegas begins a “Ted V. Mikels Thursday” series on April 7th with Astro-Zombies. Future Mikels flicks playing this month are Ten Violent Women, and the 1971 drive-in classic The Corpse Grinders.

So FrightPlacers, how’s the scavenger hunting going? I was afraid it might be too difficult to find the clue on GOBLINHAUS as there are a lot of pages to look through, but I haven’t heard complaints yet so maybe you guys are knocking it out. I’d hate to be the one site that derailed the whole thing. Haha. Anyway, if you hadn’t noticed, we’re also giving away a prize in connection with the scavenger hunt too, so look for that clue on the site as well.

- Shrub


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