Saturday Nightmares, Vintage Halloween Masks and The Bell Witch Movie 3/15/11

See how I do? Get this thing going for one week and then take a vacation. Well I’m back now after a spring break that could only happen in the south. We started with PBRs and 18 holes of frisbee golf at the Ronnie Van Zant Memorial Park and ended with a Led Zeppelin cover band complete with bikers slow dancing to “Stairway to Heaven”. That’s all true... and I’ve got the pictures to prove it.

Anyway… let’s see if we can scrape together a few bit tids here.

The second Saturday Nightmares Horror & Sci-Fi Expo in East Rutherford New Jersey, June 3-5, just rolled out a mutha of a guest list. Highlights include (and this is gonna be long): a Dawn of the Dead reunion with NINE cast members including the big four of Emge, Foree, Ross and Reiniger, PLUS they will be screening the movie with a live reenactment from the original newscasters David Crawford and David Early. How awesome is that?? There will also be nine Return of the Living Dead guests a couple of Warriors cast members, horror icons Barbara Steele, Sid Haig and Doug Bradley, plus a rare coup, Tippi Hedren from Hitchcock’s The Birds. Major event alert.

Are any of you planning on hitting HorrorHound Weekend in Indianapolis at the end of this month? If so, be sure to look for the Cinema Wasteland table as it will be the first place to see the guest list for their fall show (they’ve also got a show coming up April 1-3). HorrorHound doesn’t look too shabby either, even though Argento isn’t going to be there (sucks). I’d really like to get to Mask Fest one day too, need to see what the work schedule’s gonna be like for that weekend I think.

Speaking of Masks, I’m sure many of you are as affectionate and nostalgic about Halloween as I am, and that feeling is what has us buying and selling old costumes and masks at GOBLINHAUS. We’re particularly fond of the old Collegeville & Ben Cooper style (along with their many imitators and offshoots) and over time have become the #1 dealer of these things, if I do say so myself. We just got a hilariously goofy Knight mask that I think is great (check out the picture at the right). Where else are you going to find something like that?! Ha! So if you want to buy one, or say, a “Hairy & Scary” Witch mask (also new), come look around.

If any of you are near east Tennessee, specifically Morristown, there will be a free screening of Bell Witch: The Movie (which stars Mrs. Voorhees, Betsey Palmer, as the voice of the witch), THIS SATURDAY, March 19th, at Walter State Community College. Some cast and crew members will be in attendance. For more information visit the Bell Witch Movie Website and maybe we'll see you there.

Until next time.

- Shrub


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