Haunted Mead Manor and Nightmare in the House of Wax. Joining forces for the 2006 Halloween season. (6/24/06)

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Can’t wait for Halloween and to start hitting the Haunts? Here’s a little tidbit for those in the Dallas Fort Worth vicinity. After a one year hiatus, Nightmare in the House of Wax has relocated and is preparing to re-open it’s doors for 2006.
This past Halloween, the mad mastermind of the House of Wax, Patrick Matthews, spent the season working with the guys running the haunt at Ripley’s in Grand Prairie. For 2006, the House of Wax has moved to Mansfield, Texas and joined forces with last year’s promising first year attraction, The Haunted Mead Manor. GOBLINHAUS paid an early visit to the Mead Manor grounds, and took a tour of the House of Wax, which is in the early construction phase but is already showing chilling potential.

I've got two words for you... Pig Kitchen.

It’s exciting to see Mead Manor become a larger, multi-haunt destination for this coming Halloween. There may even be a third attraction with a haunted ancient Egyptian theme, so keep your fingers crossed. Mummies or not, the good news is that a trip to Mead Manor this year will offer at least twice as many thrills and chills. - Shrub

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