2003 at the Movies (1/13/04) Tony's rundown including his Top Ten.

by Rene A. Moncivais

10. Cabin Fever-This movie came out of no where for me. I saw the trailer for it and wasn't expecting much. This one blew me away. I can't wait for the DVD.

9. 21 Grams-Gritty drama about revenge. Done very well. I enjoyed this movie, it was a nice follow up to Amores Perros. Strong acting by Sean Penn, Benicio Del Toro and Naomi Watts.

8. Elephant-This film really scared me, not in the sense that a horror movie would scare me, it made me wonder why certain things happen in the world. This movie disturbed me. Also had cool camera work.

7. Lost in Translation-Sofia Coppola is 2 for 2 now. Awesome follow up to the Virgin Suicides. Bill Murray has never been better. Scarlet Johansen is good as well, and not to bad to look at either.

6. Big Fish-Tim Burton's most normal film. It's good and plus it has Billy Crudup in it, one of the most underrated actors I have seen. Nice visuals and cool story.

5. All the Real Girls-This is nothing like Girls Gone Wild. David Gordon Green's follow up to George Washington is beautifully filmed. This film gives you all the aspects of a relationship from beginning to ending. Watch this one alone, it is not a date movie at all.

4. Northfork-Very well done film by the Polish Brothers. Great cinematogrophy and good acting from James Woods, Darryl Hannah and Anthony Edwards.

3. Kill Bill Vol. 1-Wasn't expecting this one to be so high on the list this year. I was upset when I heard they were splitting this up into 2 movies, Damn you Mirimax!, I was even more upset that Vol. 2 maybe pushed to back to April or May. Why? Anyway enough ranting, good fight scenes and some really good dialogue. Plus Sonny Chiba!

2. Bubba Hotep-This would have been Number 1 if it were not for the film in that slot. The most original film to come out this year. Bruce Campbell does a great job as Elvis and Ossie Davis is always awesome. This film would have been good even if there wasn't a mummy in it. Bruce Campbell+Don Cascorelli+Joe R. Lansdale=Greatness.

1. Return of the King-What can I say about this masterpiece? Peter Jackson has always been a great film maker. I can't believe some of the stuff in this film. The camera work is awesome and Peter Jackson deserves everything for putting these 3 films together. I hope he gets to do "The Hobbit."

Other Stuff:

The worst movie I saw this year and others-The Texas Chainsaw Massacre-Pure Shit. Michael Bay's name is attached to this, need I say more.
Seabiscuit-More Hollywood junk that everyone is suppsed to like.
Mystic River-Not horrible, but not as good as everyone had been saying, this was just a so-so film for me.
The Life of David Gale-I can't believe this film was even made and who liked it and why?
The Matrix-Reloaded and Revolutions-both of these films were very disappointing. I enjoyed the first one but the second one was just okay and the third one was horrible. It made me mad that the first one was cool and the next 2 were bad.

Well that's it for the year, sorry there weren't that many horror films in the Top 10 but there were 2. Thanks to Shrub for letting me write for this site. Put the word out.