Hack Movies Director releases new Bizarre Fiction (Press release)

Kevin Strange, director of such cult films as "Dead Shit", "Colonel Kill Motherfuckers", and "Cockhammer", makes his long awaited literary debut with a book that is sure to turn a few heads this political season. "Robamapocalypse" is a bizarro novella featuring a giant robot Barack Obama fighting a giant zombie made of zombies. And that's not even the weirdest part of this alternate history/dystopian future yarn. "Robamapocalypse" is available exclusively on Amazon Kindle for 99 cents for a limited time. The novella will be released in paperback and digital form later this year as part of a larger zombie anthology from Strange's publishing arm, StrangeHouse Books, entitled "Zombie!
Zombie! Brain Bang".

Previous releases from Strangehouse Books include the erotic horror anthology, "Strange Sex", and the zombie comedy novel "Beer Run of the Dead" by Strange's publishing partner, D.F. Noble.

Strange has this to say about "Robamapocalypse": "Gang, I'll say this. I've written a TON of weird shit in my career, but Robamapocalypse takes the cake for sheer insanity. I laughed my ass off writing this crazy book, as each twist and turn of the bizarre plot became crazier than the last. I hope that you're able to find the same joy reading it as I felt writing it. It truly is my best work, and is a perfect example of my views about our absurd culture and useless election process."

"In a dystopian future where Barack Obama is lord and emperor of the
only city left on earth after the zombie apocalypse, one young man
must fight his way through a tournament pitting zombie against remote
controlled zombie if he hopes to stop the evil, half-cyborg dictator
from destroying Steel City and the rest of the fabled Obamamerica
beyond. Time traveling terrorists, giant robot zombies made of zombies, and Barack Obama like you've never seen him before are but a few of the twists and turns that make Robamapocalypse one of the
weirdest, most action packed bizarro stories you'll ever lay your
unsuspecting eyeballs on. This election year, Barack Obama is a giant
fucking robot.".

LINK to "Robamapocalypse" KINDLE Edition